Kaya Hookah2 ECO 480 RED

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Product information „Kaya Hookah2 ECO 480 Blue”

A hose connection with 18.8 mm joint hose adapter is attached to the base. A second valve is closed with a cover. The base is attached to the bottle with a quick fastener on the threaded part. The base and thread are black anodized, the shaft and valve attachments are colored anodized. The ash plate is black again. The supplied hose set consists of an easy-care black silicone hose and a matching aluminum mouthpiece. The tobacco head made of terracotta lets the full aroma of the tobacco unfold, and with the chimney head set, filling and firing the tobacco head is a simple pleasure.

Details of  the Hookah2 ECO 480 from Kaya-Shisha:

  • 1x smoke column-SET ELOX Eco for 480 with
  • 1x hose connection 18.8 cut
  • 1x base
  • 1x coal plate
  • 1x glass bowl 480AR
  • 1x silicone hose set with aluminum mouthpiece: approx. 178 cm
  • 1x metal immersion tube
  • 1x terracotta tobacco head with Kaya chimney head and insert sieve
  • 1x coal tongs


  • Total height: approx. 70 cm
  • Height without head: approx. 54 cm
  • Height with head without chimney: 60 cm


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