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Product information „KS APPO Fusion Red”

The KS Appo is our absolute high-end product. The KS Appo Fusion Edition combines stoneware with silicone. The attached silicone ring in intense color forms a strong contrast to the black KS Appo and thus serves as a chic accessory. When removing the KS Appo, it also serves as heat protection for the hands.

In terms of durability and workmanship, the trendy KS Appo Fusion Edition is just as confident and top-class as the classic. The KS Appo head consists of a special clay-stone formula. An innovative high-temperature manufacturing process combines the best functionality with outstanding quality. The massive stone head has a particularly good heat distribution. This heats the tobacco evenly and the tobacco taste can develop evenly. Due to the glaze inside the head, no molasses can get stuck in the head and cleaning is particularly easy.

The tobacco head is handmade and is made in Germany.


  • Color silicone ring: red
  • Appo color: black
  • Material: stoneware, silicone
  • Type: multi-hole head
  • Hookah tobacco head
  • Handmade & Made in Germany
  • Manufacturer: KS Original


  • Height: approx.8.5 cm
  • Tobacco depot diameter: approx.5.7 cm
  • Deep tobacco depot: approx.2.3 cm 

Note:  The silicone ring is separately in the packaging.

Note:  The silicone ring is packed separately.

This product is made by hand. (The delivered head can therefore have a minimal deviation from the picture.)

This product is handmade. (The delivered bowl may therefore have a minimal deviation from the picture).

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