Skynet ENZO – Brownwood

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Skynet Enzo – Wooden Shisha Complete Set

Watch out! Our new Skynet ENZO has arrived. The design, the play of colors, the extras and the accents between the different materials contribute to the fact that our new hookah definitely leaves an impression.


✓ Wood & stainless steel hookah – The eye smokes too

The ENZO is made of wood and stainless steel. These two materials harmonize perfectly with one another. You might think that the hookah was made for you from a single piece. The inside of the smoke column is made of stainless steel and is covered with fine wood. Wood and glass just go well together in the bowl. 

✓ Integrated LED coasters

As if the optics weren’t enough. Shisha King adds one or more to it. With the integrated LED coaster, your Skynet ENZO will shine in beautiful colors. A socket under the shisha ensures that the LED`s disappear perfectly inside the bowl. Not only is it practical and looks great, the problem with the huge LED coasters is also solved. All of this can be comfortably controlled by remote control.

✓ Integrated exhaust valve – new function

New extra for our customers. The valve for blowing out was installed in the base. The outlet valve is no longer visible. Instead of the outlet valve, there are 3 openings in the base, one below the other. This innovation is not only practical and enhances the smoking experience, it also looks classy.

✓ Closed chamber system

Of course, the closed chamber system should not be missing at ENZO. With a draft, easily blow out the stale and scratchy smoke.


Other features:

  • Color ⇨ Brownwood
  • Overall size ⇨ 47 cm without head
  • Head adapter with 18/8 cut ⇨ Molasse catcher can be used
  • Click locking system ⇨ do not twist and insert
  • Immersion tube with integrated diffuser
  • Hose connection with cut


The complete set includes:

  • hand-blown glass bowl
  • Smoke column & base
  • Silicone hose & mouthpiece
  • DaVinci stone head including attachment
  • Hose connection with cut
  • LED coasters
  • Seals
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